Sony SMP-N200 Streaming Media Player with Wi-Fi

rate 3.7
  • Brand: Sony
  • Category: Multiroom Digital Music Systems

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Turn your TV into a smart TV and enjoy wireless access to popular apps like Netflix, HuluPlus, YouTube, Pandora, and Crackle.1 Stream your favorite movies, TV shows, music and more, even in full HD2 and 3D3. Control it all with a simple smartphone app for iPhone and Android.4.Power Requirements: 110 to 240V 50Hz/60Hz, Consumption: 11W.


  • Wirelessly stream entertainment from Netflix, Pandora & more
  • le to stream 3D3 and up to 1080P2 high definition video
  • Connect to any TV & share music via optional HomeShare speakers
  • 1-Year Limited Warranty on Parts, 90-Day Limited Labor Warranty
Brand Name Sony
Item Weight 14.4 ounces
Product Dimensions 5.9 x 5.9 x 1.7 inches
Item model number SMPN200
Jean Luc 4.0
522 of 535 people found the following review helpful
While I do like the Sony SMPN200 unit and am very happy with it, I did list some Possible Show Stoppers at the bottom that are worth a quick read. These are some limitations of the product that result in some people returning it. My goal isn't to convince you whether to buy or avoid this product, but instead to provide factual pros and cons so you can make that decision yourself.The following are my detailed findings and experiences. My intended usage is primarily Hulu Plus and video streamin ... g from my Windows 7 x64 machine which can include Windows 7 TV recordings (.wtv files), and rips from DVD and BluRay discs which can include .mp4, .m2ts and MPEG file types. My home network is all wired gigabit with Cat6 cable so it is as fast and as stable as you can get. I am not testing the wireless capabilities since I use wired connections, but there are other positive reviews that are based on wireless. More >
Robert B. 3.0
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I picked up the Sony SMP-N200 looking to find a good solution for playing local media while also having a good amount of choices for internet streaming as well. I own 3 Roku units right now, and by far they are the best internet streamers out there, but they have a very limited range of codec support so aren't ideal at all for local playback. I also have a WD TV Live Plus, which is terrific for local playback file support, but it's interface is terrible. Other quirks it has left me shopping arou ... nd for other alternatives.In that search I had purchased and returned the Logitech Revue because it was rather cumbersome to use and lacked local playback flexibility. I did really like the Chrome browser so when I saw the introduction of the new Sony also had an internet browser I was sold.When it arrived it was very easy to set up and get online. I noticed the box is larger than other boxes I had, and the remote was so lite it was almost weightless. More >
Raidy 5.0
36 of 39 people found the following review helpful
The Sony SMP-N200 seems to perfectly fit what I was looking for in an DLNA streaming device - easy Wifi connection with no lag in streaming, UI that is smooth and not laggy when scrolling through tons of files, something can play various formats without hiccup (Xvid, 264, etc), and it was inexpensive ($70 at time of this review) to boot! It has quite a few bonus features (over requirements at least), such as a plethora of online content such as YouTube, Hulu Plus, Netflix, etc. The most useful ... for me was the Amazon Prime streaming, which wasnt the selling point but is definitely a nice feature that quite a few of similar devices lack.My main use-case for this device is to stream DLNA content from my NAS to my bedroom TV. I had no need for permanent local HDD storage, and the web-based apps were not my main reasons for buying. More >